Vietnam’s Controversial New Cybersecurity Law Raises Questions

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Vietnam’s new Law on Cybersecurity was finally adopted by the National Assembly on June 12, 2018, after more than a dozen drafts and wide debate in the business and government sectors. The Cybersecurity Law will come into effect on January 1, 2019.  The Cybersecurity Law applies to domestic and foreign companies providing services to customers in Vietnam over telecom networks or the internet, such as social networks, search engines, online advertising, online streaming/broadcasting, e-commerce websites/marketplaces, internet-based voice/text services (OTT services), cloud services, online games, and online applications.  With its broad scope of application, the Cybersecurity Law potentially imposes tremendous obligations on both onshore and, especially, offshore companies providing online services to Vietnamese customers.’s-controversial-new-cybersecurity-law-raises-questions

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