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Outsourced Privacy Team

Establishing and maintaining an effective privacy program requires organizational commitment, up to date privacy subject matter expertise, and human and financial resources. Many organizations simply cannot establish or maintain an effective privacy effort with existing internal resources, yet are reluctant to add permanent staff. Others may have an immediate privacy issue to address and do not have the internal expertise to assess, create, and implement an appropriate solution. Even organizations with existing staffed privacy programs often must choose among competing, equally important, projects or initiatives because they lack sufficient qualified resources to accomplish their goals.

PAI offers organizations an opportunity to obtain as much or as little privacy assistance as required to get the job done, thereby creating “right” sourcing solutions for organizations. PAI can deliver tailored services to meet your needs whether it is a completely resourced privacy office, ongoing limited support for an existing privacy function, or one-time supplemental assistance in completing a specific privacy project.

For those organizations with internal privacy resources but insufficient project management or support staff to implement a specific strategic initiative, PAI’s trained professionals can work under your direction to help implement those projects. PAI can serve as your outsourced privacy office, advising management of privacy developments affecting your organization and addressing issues as they arise without the need for your organization to add permanent staff. And since privacy is what we do, we stay up to date with changing privacy developments.

  Robert L. Rothman (Principal)

  Keith A. Cheresko (Principal)

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