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Any organization dealing with personal information has the potential to experience a personal information breach, an event that can have a serious impact on both your organization and the individuals involved. A breach can occur as a result of your own actions or through others handling data on your behalf. Organizations need processes in place to help reduce the chances of a breach and a response plan should an incident occur.

PAI can help your organization deal with the personal information protection challenge by making certain you have appropriate policies and procedures in place to both minimize threats to personal information and respond to a breach incident should one occur. We look at your organization in terms of its personal information handling practices, decision-making processes, and where certain functional expertise is located. This allows us to work with you to create within available budget a program that addresses the practical threats to the personal information you hold and reflects the risk tolerances of your organization. We help you prepare by testing your policies through tools such as table top exercises permitting you to test your program before facing a real event.

We can help ensure suppliers handling personal information for you are bound by appropriate contractual provisions, create training materials to educate your employees, suppliers and others on your breach prevention policies and response plan, and provide personnel to help administer your response process in the event of a breach.

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