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PAI helps organizations address their privacy needs – from program design to maintenance and audit – in a practical manner.
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Organizations differ in terms of goals, culture, size, complexity, staffing, applicable legal requirements, and state of privacy program implementation. Because PAI recognizes these differences, our approach to working with each client differs. Rather than “selling” some static one-size-fits-all program, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Together, the leadership team, with its many years of privacy experience, has dealt with virtually every aspect of the subject. But our resources don’t stop there. We have a network of Certified Information Privacy Professionals and privacy specialists in various subjects, disciplines, and geographic areas that work with PAI on an as-needed basis. This allows us to bring exactly the right resources to bear on your situation without having to charge rates reflective of companies with large permanent staffs.

  Robert L. Rothman (Principal)

  Keith A. Cheresko (Principal)

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