IAPP Comparison: Indian Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 vs. GDPR


This IAPP chart provides a high-level comparison between the GDPR and India’s PDPB, which includes a scale that color codes the degree of operational change from the EU regulation. In addition to color coding the operational changes, the chart also breaks down the laws into main topic areas – such as territorial scope, definitions of personal data, legal basis for processing, data protection officer obligations, rights of access, breach notification, international data transfers, and enforcement, among many more – to help determine the similarities and differences, as well as provide brief analyses of each topic area.  https://iapp.org/resources/article/comparison-indian-personal-data-protection-bill-2019-vs-gdpr/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWkdGak4yWmpZVFl3Wm1aaCIsInQiOiJoeVJkVU1KWmZMTHkremRMMVB3VFYxcVVEWmNwVklFaGZQMXFNMGU2Zk9rVmc4YUlPaGNZSFhyWXNsQW9id2tpT1dsU054RmFiSTNWUEFxcjBvSXdCam50aDM3Mk13eFFEXC90SUQrXC93RHFINmNTUXc5RkdkWjF6T3Q0QURRSEpMIn0%3D 

Chart at: https://iapp.org/media/pdf/resource_center/india_pdpb2019_vs_gdpr_iapp_chart.pdf

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