FTC’s Privacy & Data Security Update for 2019 – and how you can use it


The Federal Trade Commission today released its annual privacy and security update for 2019, highlighting a record year for enforcement actions aimed at protecting consumer privacy and data security. .To review everything the FTC did in 2019 dealing with consumer privacy and data security – Enforcement, Advocacy, Rules, Workshops, Consumer Education, Business Guidance, and International Engagement – it could take days to compile all that information; however, there is an easy way to share those developments with your company, clients, and colleagues. The FTC’s annual Privacy & Data Security Update offers a to-the-point take on what happened in 2019.


Update at: https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/reports/privacy-data-security-update-2019/2019-privacy-data-security-report-508.pdf

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