Eight Privacy Priorities for 2020 and Beyond


Hunton’s Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) reports on the top privacy-related priorities for this year:

1. Global Convergence and Interoperability between Privacy Regimes

2. Bottom-up Best Practices for Accountable AI

3. Promoting Accountable Free-Flow of Data

4. Pursuing Constructive Engagement between Data Protection Authorities and Industry

5. Expanding the Beneficial Use of Data through Accountable Data Sharing Arrangements

6. Saying Goodbye to the Individual Control Paradigm of Privacy Protection

7. Welcoming Organizational Accountability

8. How Will Things Unfold in the U.S.?

Read the full blog at: https://www.informationpolicycentre.com/cipl-blog/eight-privacy-priorities-for-2020-and-beyond

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