Dutch DPA checks on appointment of mandatory DPOs

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After the effective enforcement date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DDPA) carried out random checks on organizations assessing the level of GDPR compliance. The DDPA performed checks on 91 hospitals and 33 health insurers regarding appointment and registration of the (mandatory) data protection officer (DPO). On 16 August 2018 two of these hospitals had not yet appointed a DPO. The DDPA granted these hospitals a four week period to comply with this requirement, subjecting them to a possible fine if failing to do so. In almost 25% of the cases the DDPA found that the contact details of the DPO were not accessible or made available at all, as seventeen hospitals and two insurers had failed to include such contact details on their website completely. Moreover, in the cases where the hospitals and insurers did provide such information on their websites, the DDPA found that three of the hospitals and one insurer did not provide a direct email address or phone number to the DPO.  Full story at https://www.loyensloeff.com/en-us/news-events/news/life-sciences-bit-dutch-dpa-checks-on-appointment-of-mandatory-dpos

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