Class Action Lawsuit filed Expressly Referencing CCPA—Barnes v. Hanna Andersson, LLC, et al.,


On February 3, 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed that expressly references the CCPA—Barnes v. Hanna Andersson, LLC, et al., N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:20-cv-00812. Filed in the wake of retailer Hanna Andersson’s announcement of a data breach that allegedly compromised, among other things, customer payment card data, the plaintiff expressly claims a “deprivation of rights” under the CCPA based on the alleged “fail[ure] to maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of” personally identifiable information maintained by the defendants. Notably, the plaintiff does not bring a direct claim under the CCPA. She does, however, expressly “reserve the right to amend this Complaint as of right” to seek relief under the CCPA at a later time.

Bernadette Barnes v. Hanna Anderson LLC and Inc – Class Action Complaint – US District Court for the Northern District of California

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