Cities New Players in Privacy Regulation?

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While dealing with a patchwork of fifty states’ laws is considered challenging, having to also address multiple city or county privacy enactment could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back leading to a federal solution?

For example, on Nov. 6, 2018, voters in San Francisco will decide whether to enact the city’s “Privacy First Policy” that aims to protect the personal information of residents and visitors from abuse by companies doing business in San Francisco. The policy establishes a set of 11 privacy principles to guide the city’s government when considering the adoption of privacy policies, laws, and regulations, and when determining whether to issue permits, licenses, or other entitlements to its contractors and third parties. If the policy passes, businesses in San Francisco will be required to disclose their data collection policies and obtain input from communities impacted when drafting those policies.

San Francisco is the second major city following Chicago that has taken expansive action to protect residents from the misuse and misappropriation of their personal data by corporations for profit. The Chicago City Council is currently considering a new privacy ordinance titled “Chicago Personal Data Collection and Protection Ordinance” to regulate online businesses that collect sensitive personal information from Chicago residents for commercial purposes.

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