When is an Entity a Common Carrier Exempt from FTC Enforcement?

The en banc 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s denial of AT&T Mobility’s motion to dismiss an action brought by the FTC under Section 5 of the FTC Act, alleging [...]

Microsoft Warrant Dispute to be Argued Tuesday

In United States v. Microsoft Corp., the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will decide whether a digital communications provider has to comply with a U.S. search warrant for user data if the [...]

Cayman and Bermuda Comprehensive Data Protection Laws On The Way

Cayman’s Data Protection Law passed in March 2017 is scheduled to come into force in January 2019, and Bermuda’s Personal Information Protection Act will come into full force this December. Both [...]

SEC Updates Public Company Disclosures Guidance for Cybersecurity Risks and Incidents

The interpretive release outlines the SEC’s views with respect to cybersecurity disclosure requirements under the federal securities laws as they apply to public operating companies. The revised [...]

FTC Blog Provides Advice When Shopping for VPN Apps

Some consumers have started using Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps to shield the information on their mobile devices from prying eyes on public networks. Before you download a VPN app, you [...]

WP29 Updates Guidelines on Automated Individual Decision-Making and Profiling for GDPR

The WP 29 has issued the updated guidelines dated 6 February. The General Data Protection Regulation specifically addresses profiling and automated individual decision-making, including [...]

FTC Staff Perspective – Do Web Hosts Protect Their Small Business Customers with Secure Hosting and Anti-Phishing Technologies?

The FTC’s Office of Technology Research & Investigation (OTech) examined the security features of hosting plans offered by web hosting services. OTech specifically reviewed the offerings of [...]

Newly Introduced Privacy Bills

In Kentucky the Legislature introduced and referred to the Banking and Insurance Committee SB 333, An Act Relating to Security of Personal Information and Declaring an Emergency. The bill [...]

Preparing Your Organization For The GDPR

It is important for all businesses and organizations to be aware that they will be required to comply with the data protection standards and obligations set out in both the GDPR and the Irish [...]

New PCI Standard for Mobile Payment-Acceptance Solutions

The Payment Card Industry issued requirements to provide reasonable assurances that a mobile payment-acceptance solution adequately protects cardholder data, PINs and other assets from [...]

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